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Test Method Selection (Seal Strength)

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

There are ASTM standards that provide guidance on different test methods that can be used to challenge packaging system design as well as the sealing process associated with it. Test method selection should be selected based off the primary packaging material composition. You can start adding variation just by selecting the wrong test method. One test and/or technique not always work for every material combination that your company may be using. Also, one specification for everything is not right. This even goes along with the minimum of 1.0 lbf/inch that the industry has been using as a standard. Materials have different energies that contribute to the overall seal strength that is characterized by doing peel seal strength testing. The right specification should be determined based off the test method selection and material composition; among other things . Just because you are performing a test in accordance to an ASTM standard, does not mean that you are doing it right , it only means that you are just following it. The important thing is that you look for the right test method that will better represent the material combination your are using and at the same time reduce the variation that can be induced by it.


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